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  • Growing Together provides speech and language evaluations and therapy to children and young adults.

    Felicia Fera is the founder and head speech language pathologist in the practice.  Beyond treating children with receptive and expressive speech and language delays, Growing Together specializes in treating clients with autism spectrum disorders and apraxia of speech.

    In addition to doing therapy in a traditional therapy room, a kitchen, bathroom and dining area are on site for the development of speech and language skills within everyday life tasks (cooking, cleaning and activities of daily living).

    • Fun

      At Growing Together it is essential that children actively engage and enjoy therapy in order for the learning to be effective. Our therapy is play-based and in addition to the use of toys and games both sensory ( water, sand, rice play) and gross motor play ( trampoline, therapy balls, movement) are incorporated within sessions as needed.

    • Meaningful

      At Growing Together it is important that the teaching we do is personally relevant and of interest to your child. We strive to create a learning environment that is child specific. Your child’s thoughts, interests and opinions will be a major component to the way we teach.

    • Functional

      Making therapy functional in your child’s life is fundamental at Growing Together. It is for this reason that a kitchen, bathroom and dining area are available on site. Our therapy goals are designed to organically transfer to your child’s home and school life.

  • Specialties

    Areas that we specialize in
    • PROMPT trained
    • Years of clinical experience with people with Autism
    • Strive to collaborate with outside providers
    • Consultant to many school districts
    • ABA trained
    • RDI trained


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